Kailey Betz

Job Title:

Operations & Customer Outreach

Year Graduated:



Business Administration with a concentration in finance and a minor in accounting and photography


Student supervisor at Warriorthon


Kailey Betz is a 2022 graduate of Lycoming College. Kailey worked for The Graphic Hive during her time at Lycoming and transitioned into full-time once she graduated. She is a screen printer, manages social media, and has taken on some of the accounting. During all four years she spent at Lycoming she worked for alumni relations in the calling center. This made her very passionate about connecting with other alumni and hearing their stories. Outside of work, Kailey likes to be out in a hammock with her dogs and cats.

What Brought You To Lycoming?

Being from the area I wanted to stay close to home and after touring Lycoming I fell in love with the campus. The class size was very similar to my high school so I felt right at home. Community is also very important to me and being able to have a relationship with my professors and fellow classmates made Lycoming a great place for me to thrive. At Lycoming I didn’t feel like just another number. After being at Lycoming and talking with alumni I also realized the tremendous amount of support that the students have from alumni and how large the Lycoming family is and I’m glad to be a part of it.