Matthew Zarzyczny

Job Title:

Sales Manager/Co-owner

Year Graduated:



Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry


Magna Cum Laude
2003 Welch Award for Mathematics


Scholastic chair and member of Lambda Chi Alpha President
Member of the Commuter Students Organization
Vice President and member of Gamma Sigma Epsilon (National Chemistry Honors Fraternity)
Member of Alpha Psi Omega (National Theatre Honors Fraternity).


Matthew Zarzyczny is a 2003 magna cum laude graduate of Lycoming College who is currently the co-owner and sales manager for The Graphic Hive. While his education may not match his current occupation, Matthew credits the time that he spent at Lycoming College with preparing him for entrepreneurship and major career pivots. As a “jack of all trades”, the Liberal Arts education and atmosphere of Lycoming College were a perfect fit for Matthew as there are very few schools where a chemistry major could also star in theatrical productions.

What Brought You To Lycoming?

In very typical fashion, my original school of choice wasn’t right for me. I enrolled at PSU Main Campus, but when I arrived on campus, I was completely shell-shocked by the size of the school. I thought that I could handle it, but I was able to find out pretty quickly that I was not comfortable with the learning environment. This caused me to transfer to Lycoming after just one semester in University Park. The original intention was to use Lycoming as a stopover while I figured out where I wanted to spend the rest of my college career but ended up falling in love with the small class sizes and accessibility of the professors. To this day, I still consider several professors to be personal friends, not just mentors.