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We love helping non profits further their mission. We are very philanthropic in nature and have worked with a number of local non profits to provide low-cost services that benefit the community. We speak from experience as our contemporary art gallery, Arthaus Projects is also a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Use our first hand experience to find new programs, garner new interest and donors, and get the word out about your mission and area of service expertise. We are here to help.

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Williamsport Business Association

The Williamsport Business Association was in need of an overhaul of its previous website. Much of the information was outdated, and the site was built on a static HTML architecture that made simple edits into a daunting task. The Graphic Hive was able to aggregate current location based info, and build a new directory based website that encourages discovery.

Williamsport Symphony Orchestra Website

Williamsport Symphony Orchestra

The Williamsport Symphony Orchestra is big city entertainment close to home. Musicians from across the region come to present the finest music led by our energetic and engaging conductor, Gerardo Edelstein. Through The Graphic Hive’s love and support for the arts we helped to create a dynamic website that is easy for Symphony staff to update.

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