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Marketing & Advertising

Marketing encompasses web and design–each component is equally important to deliver an effective campaign. Consistency throughout all facets, including website design, graphics, online social media marketing, video production and more is crucial.

Case Study:

An example of the total marketing package is Converge Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Williamsport, PA. A hard-earned success story of contemporary art in a mid-sized Pennsylvania town, Converge Gallery has flourished, thanks in part to cultured community, but also to a very targeted, thorough marketing plan.

Total Marketing Message

Converge Gallery’s message and personality begins with a smooth, clean and very informative website.

Other ways we’ve promoted Converge Gallery include:

  • posters
  • advertisements
  • regular online marketing activity (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr)
  • leave-behind marketing pieces
  • press releases to the news and blogosphere–inviting numerous human interest and hard news stories
  • live streaming artist talks
  • email campaigns
  • Video promotion

Design & Social Media

Design is graphic heavy–always featuring the art. Trial and experimentation have led us to learn the following: how to incorporate the artwork into our marketing pieces for the gallery; that a continual web presence keeps the gallery and its regular shows and events in the forefront of people’s minds; not all social media outlets are effective, but we’ve measured the response and have settled on the best combination (for now!).

The Result

Well-attended shows, worldwide representation of contemporary artists and a thriving cultural hotspot in downtown Williamsport, PA.

Be sure and check out Converge Gallery online and in person at 140 West Fourth St., Williamsport, PA 17701.