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Charles M Noll Funeral Home Website & Logo
Charles M Noll Funeral Home Website & Logo

Charles M Noll Funeral Home Website & Logo

When the Charles M. Noll Funeral Home approached us they had two challenges: 1.) they wanted to improve their branding while maintaining the traditional nature of their historic business and 2.) create a comprehensive website that helped inform visitors about the various aspects of planning for a funeral.

Logo Development

For the improved branding we were tasked with illustrating their historic building and blending elements from old and new photographs of the facility. Once completed, we took the established typefaces of the business and created a variety of formats for use on stationary, signage, and other corporate identity items.

Web Development

The Charles M. Noll Funeral Home website involved showcasing all of aspects of the funeral home throughout the various seasons of the year while maintaining an informational site that was easy to use for visitors of all ages. We documented the exterior of the historic facility throughout Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter and update the imagery to reflect the current season. Extensive information also had to be organized as the owners wanted their visitors to be prepared and understand the realities of what goes into preparing for a funeral, and how best to cope with the loss of a loved one.

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