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At The Graphic Hive, we make it easy for your Small business or organization to make money. That’s why we specialize in “hands-off fundraising” which takes all of the hassles out of merchandise sales! Do you want to sell a unique item, but you’re not sure how many to purchase? Forget the guesswork, leave it all up to us! The Graphic Hive will set up a website where everyone can order their items individually. We then send you (or your mailing list) the link ensuring that you never have to worry about buying too much or too little ever again! We set up the website, process the payments, print the items, distribute them via the USPS and then you get the check. It’s the most convenient way to raise funds with merchandise!

Just follow our simple 4 step process

Send us your design or logo, or send us an idea and let us design the shirts you will have for sale.

will build out a full e-commerce site based on what you send us. You post it on social media and email it to your customers.

Once the site closes we print and ship the order to everyone that supported your fundraiser.

We send you all the profit over the wholesale costs for the shirt order. The more you sell, the more you make!

How it all works:

  1. Submit your business info, logo/design, and options for your store through our convenient online form.
  2. We create a custom web store for you based on the choices that you made in the form.
  3. We will help promote your store to our Facebook page and keep tabs on it’s progress through the daily Community Leaderboard. You should focus on getting it in front of as many people as you can. Tweet it, email it, come up with something clever to keep it in front of your fans as many times as possible. Those that regularly promote see great dividends at the end of the sale as they are in a better wholesale price bracket. Your goal should be to sell at least 24 pieces to make a decent amount of money through the fundraiser.
  4. We will determine the wholesale cost of the printed goods, add in the 5% fee for Credit Card transactions/platform fee, add in the cost of shipping and then subtract all of that from the money raised during the sale.
  5. We will then send your company either a check or PayPal the money raised. We will probably do that as soon as the sale is over in all honesty.
  6. If you don’t sell anything…no big deal. There’s no commitment on your end to reach a specific number. There are no hidden fees which are going to come out of your pocket. This is 100% risk free.

Good luck and thanks for partnering with us on this venture.


No Risk. No Up Front Costs. All Profit!

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