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Web Design & Development


Using our three step process we are able to build stand out websites.”

More than a billion users are online every day, both searching for and promoting information and services, socializing, selling and sharing. Websites that stand out have massive visual appeal, useful SEO-rich content, user-friendly tools and clear navigation. And there’s no sense in investing in those things if you can’t measure the results.

The Graphic Hive combines our design first philosophy with cutting-edge web design techniques to develop beautiful and sophisticated websites that get measurable results for our clients. More than a billion people are online every day searching for and promoting information and services; socializing; selling; buying; and sharing. Websites that stand out have massive visual appeal, useful SEO-rich content, and user-friendly and clear navigations which are the cornerstones of every website we build.

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Generate more traffic to your website

✓ SEO-rich content, keywords, paid and local search

Customers and visitors are out there searching. They’ll find you through targeted content and expert copywriting.

✓ Adwords

We’ll design and place text, banner and rich-media ads at a cost-per-click rate through Google Adwords.

✓ Link building

Through interactive elements, infographics, resource links, back links, blogs and more, we can help increase the traffic to your site.

✓ Site maps

Well organized site maps act as a navigation tool for visitors, but perhaps more importantly can improve overall optimization by telling search engines about the pages in your site.

✓ Site optimization

Regular site optimization tests the overall performance of your site, including each page size, download time and composition.

✓ Smartphone optimization

Mobile broadband traffic is congested with users. We’ll make sure your site is useable and responsive when accessed through a smartphone.

✓ Google Maps site integration

Seamless is key. We’ll integrate Google Maps into your site to put you on the map.

Make your website visually appealing

✓ Web design

That first impression is key to a new site visitor. Does your website engage and encourage users to explore? Graphics was our first passion, and it continues to drive the quality of our web design services.

✓ Site content and copy

Design may rule the first impression, but the content and copy make them stay. On-target, keyword-rich copy, links to useful resources and practical content are the reason visitors stay and return.

✓ Ecommerce

Useful design and function drive sales. Watch your customers go from search to sale in 2.5 seconds.

✓ Blogging

Networking, marketing, education…there are many reasons blogs are good for a website. They increase the time a visitor stays at a website, and they give you an opportunity to share your specialized knowledge with your customer base.

✓ Landing pages

You’re drawing visitors from Facebook, Twitter, blogs or other places, all to arrive at your site’s landing page. We make them memorable and inviting.

✓ Front and Back End development

The connection between looking great and working great is in the programming. Our staff is skilled and up-to-date with the latest programming tools and tactics.

✓ Site maintenance

We keep an eye on your website and can assist with updates, content and functionality.

Evaluate the return on your investment

✓ Analysis

– Competitive analysis: what is your competition up to?
– Keyword analysis: are your keywords hitting the mark?
– Seasonality and statistical analysis: what do your numbers reflect and how do you use them to your advantage?

✓ Analytics

Measure your return on investment, track your hits, learn about your visitors and overall web usage.

✓ Click tracking

Determine the impact of your messages and posts, learn how many new visitors have come to your site through your shares and which of your pages are most viral.

✓ Scheduled reports

We deliver reports on schedule, keeping you in the loop.

✓ Hit location and site source reporting

Reporting software embedded in your website to give you real-time information.

✓ Top content pages

Understand which pages hold the most relevant content for your users and why.

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