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Mobile Websites

marketing-mobileDid you know that 51% of all website visitors are on mobile devices? and that figure is growing… Smart phones are a standard in life today. Regardless of the age range, if they have an unpleasant experience trying to navigate a website on their mobile device, chances are they won’t be back. Businesses have a lot riding on the way their website treats mobile users.

Why do I need a mobile-friendly site?

Modern American culture has become a mobile culture. Cell phones are the fastest selling kind of computer in the world. As more people use smart phones the demand to view content on them grows exponentially.

This makes it important to have a mobile website that provides quick access to the most important parts of the site. If a user is forced to navigate a full website on their mobile device, they will likely leave that site to find another friendlier one. The goal is to make their experience pleasant as they search for a particular product or service.

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