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At The Graphic Hive, we make it easy for your Booster Club to make money. That’s why we specialize in “hands-off fundraising” which takes all of the hassles out of merchandise sales! Do you want to sell a unique item, but you’re not sure how many to purchase? What about representing your team with special t-shirts for that big game (white out, red out, blue out, orange out, playoffs, etc.), and then printing too many or not enough shirts? Forget those problems! The Graphic Hive will set up a website where everyone can order their items individually. We then send you (or your mailing list) the link ensuring that you never have to worry about buying too much or too little ever again! We set up the website, process the payments, handle all of the personalization, print the items and then you get the check. It’s the most convenient way to raise funds with merchandise!

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