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Industrial manufacturing is the life blood of this country. We know and support industrial manufacturing in a variety of ways. From decorating specialty clothing items like safety vests, coveralls, or flame retardant work wear we can create eye catching items that are durable and keep your employees safe. We’ve also worked with companies like Norcen Industries to help them market better online. Trust our experience to keep your industrial manufacturing operation running smoothly with plenty of new orders and a great looking team to fulfill them.

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PA MEP or Pennsylvania Manufacturing Extension Partnership helps manufacturers improve their productivity and technological performance to create a positive impact for their business and an enduring economic impact in their communities and in Pennsylvania.

We created a new website for them in order to provide resources and contact with service providers in the Manufacturing field to Pennsylvania companies. Likewise, they showcase success stories in companies that improved their production and became more cost affective. Find out more at:


Quality Air Mechanical

Quality Air Mechanical is a Williamsport Local business that specializes in Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing. With over 17 years of experience in the field, they have created lasting customer relationships. The Graphic Hive was able to modernize and improve their website, making it easy to schedule service and see if they're the right fit for your needs!


Robo Construction

Robo Construction is a structural steel specialist serving companies in the northeastern states. Their business offers a wide range of services, but specialize in welding, building erection, steel work, and structural steel modifications. The Graphic Hive was able to take their full service approach with Robo and have helped first by redesigning their website and later focusing on their marketing materials including a leave behind folder, and even embroidered some slick new polos for staff members to wear on the job site. See for yourself at



Cromaflow is a US company that specializes in manufacturing state of the art water and wastewater treatment systems with proven technologies that meet the most stringent environmental regulations. The Graphic Hive has done a lot for cromaflow. We've rebuilt their website, revamped a brochure, created a portable tradeshow booth, and printed shirts

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