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One of our first recurring clients was a local start up restaurant. We’ve learned and grown with them since 2012. From creating eye catching billboards, to organizing menus, building dynamic websites, and even printing uniforms and promotional apparel we’ve done it all. We understand how to properly market your restaurant so that repeat customers keep coming back for more. Put our design and marketing expertise to the test with your restaurant or bar.

Our Work

The Brickyard and The Stonehouse

The Graphic Hive began a relationship with The Brickyard when it first opened back in 2012. The Brickyard believed in the importance of quality design and traditional marketing and hired The Graphic Hive to create eye-catching billboards for the restaurant and the events that they offered. However, work The Brickyard was a dual-edged sword. The Graphic Hive would proudly tout them as a premier client but would receive ridicule for misspellings and layout faux-pas on the menu or the website even though those were not handled by The Graphic Hive. As a firm, it was decided that to keep our name and brand from being hurt, The Graphic Hive would have to take over the other elements of The Brickyard’s design. Due to the high quality of work performed on The Brickyard website and menus, The Graphic Hive was also awarded the same responsibilities for the sister restaurant, The Stonehouse.

Bigfoot Subs

A legendary sub experience needed a legendary online presence! We were quick to roll out a new website for the Bigfoot Sub shop so that they can provide you with a menu, and online ordering. We also designed their billboard!

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