About Us

The Graphic Hive is an award winning, design focused marketing company. Founded in 2009, we believe that without well thought-out design, your message gets lost in the mix of this media rich, technology driven world. Our design process takes into consideration numerous factors such as delivery medium, other competing campaigns and outside forces, simplifying the message, and delivering it in the most effective way to appeal to your target audience(s). We like to get to know the client’s core competencies before recommending a product or service as a way to ensure a good fit.

We blend our design with the latest in web technologies to get measurable results on-line. More than a billion users are on-line every day, both searching for and promoting information and services, socializing, selling and sharing. Websites that stand out have massive visual appeal, useful SEO-rich content, user-friendly tools and clear navigation. And there’s no sense in investing in those things if you can’t measure the results.

Using our three step process we are able to build stand-out websites.

1. We utilize SEO best practices and usability optimization to generate more traffic to your website.

2. Through our design process and reorganization, we make your website visually appealing.

3. Upon completion of the project we implement tracking utilities that help to evaluate the return on your investment.

Presently The Graphic Hive is responsible for maintaining over 110 websites, most of which are on WordPress, our preferred development platform. We are a client oriented company and we are not afraid to go the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction.

The Graphic Hive believes that innovative design comes with exceptional skill, hard work and a commitment to the highest standards. We continuously surprise, turn heads and get people talking. The Graphic Hive – We design for your growth. With this tagline in mind, we would like to grow with our clients through every project, and be able to expand upon the features and functionality for years to come. We like building lasting relationships with our clients and continue to innovate as technology evolves and new developments happen online.

Our History

  • Summer 2009

    In a stuffy apartment in Williamsport, three creative and ambitious young men decided to change the design landscape of Lycoming County by providing cutting-edge design style to both traditional marketing materials (billboards, flyers, etc.) and website design. They started a company known as The Graphic Hive and began working diligently out of said apartment. 

  • Summer 2010

    After a year without an office, they determined that if The Graphic Hive was going to succeed, it needed to have a permanent location and the company opened up its first office in the Pajama Factory in the summer of 2010. With the move to the new location, the business also lost one of its original founders.

  • 2010/2011 Growth

    As the business grew through 2010 and the beginning of 2011, the two remaining founders decided that it was time to move to a downtown Williamsport location. They located a perfect building at 140 West Fourth Street and immediately found that they had more space than they needed just for design work. This facilitated the creation of a new contemporary art gallery originally called Grey Gallery (eventually becoming Converge Gallery shortly after) in the downtown space. Through the gallery, The Graphic Hive began providing a space for local and national artists to showcase their work to the citizens of Lycoming County in a way that was previously unavailable.

  • 2013

    In 2013, The Graphic Hive expanded the services offered to their clients by purchasing screen printing equipment from liquidation at Penn College. The Graphic Hive combined their design-first mentality with the artisan skill of manual screen printing to create bold and memorable t-shirts for businesses and organizations throughout Lycoming County. This opportunity also created the ability of The Graphic Hive to train people on the dying art of manual screen printing keeping the industry alive and thriving in Lycoming County.

  • Two Years of Restaurant Quality

    For the next two years, the two founding members of The Graphic Hive worked around the clock to ensure every deadline was met and the gallery shows went off without a hitch. During this period, The Graphic Hive began a relationship with The Brickyard, which truly helped define the future of the company. The Brickyard believed in the importance of quality design and traditional marketing and hired The Graphic Hive to create eye-catching billboards for the restaurant and the events that they offered.

    However, work with The Brickyard was a dual-edged sword. The Graphic Hive would proudly tout them as a premier client but would receive ridicule for misspellings and layout faux-pas on the menu or the website even though those were not handled by The Graphic Hive. As a firm, it was decided that to keep our name and brand from being hurt, The Graphic Hive would have to take over the other elements of The Brickyard’s design. Due to the high quality of work performed on The Brickyard website and menus, The Graphic Hive was also awarded the same responsibilities for the sister restaurant, The Stonehouse.

    The Graphic Hive was also heavily involved in the launch of 3 Gringos and provided innovative menu designs for Barrel 135. The inherent exposure of these downtown restaurants and their design successes led to many other downtown businesses exploring the services offered by The Graphic Hive. During this time, The Graphic Hive also increased its apparel printing capability by investing in a new technology, sublimation printing, which allows for the recreation of full-color artwork on polyester garments.

  • The End of an Era...

    Unfortunately, near the end of 2015, one of the remaining founders decided to leave The Graphic Hive to explore a career in the arts in New York City. This left The Graphic Hive under sole ownership by John Yogodzinski. John worked diligently with his small staff to ensure that the hard work accomplished over the previous six years was not lost.

  • But the Start of Something New

    At the start of 2016, The Graphic Hive acquired Kolb Net Works (one of the first web design firms in Lycoming County). Through this acquisition, The Graphic Hive significantly increased the number of local businesses whose websites we host, service and maintain. 2016 also saw the start of Frame It Here, a new sub-brand of The Graphic Hive which offers in-house, conservation framing further expanding our capabilities.

  • An Emerging Business!

    On February 16, 2016, the Williamsport/Lycoming County Chamber of Commerce recognized The Graphic Hive with the Emerging Business of the Year award for 2015.

  • Hive Publishing

    In 2017, The Graphic Hive launched a new division called Hive Publishing Company, which is focused on taking the “self” out of self-publishing. This venture is focused on enabling artists to create amazing books that help affirm their careers in the art world. Hive Publishing Co. officially launched with the release of its book Plastic Fantastic: 10 years of Johnny Romeo a 152-page full-color hardcover art book in November of 2017. Through Hive Publishing Co., The Graphic Hive has utilized their inherent layout capabilities to further increase the services offered to residents of Lycoming County.

  • Devoted to Your Day

    Also in 2017, The Graphic Hive launched another sub-brand called Devoted To Your Day, which repurposes many of the printing techniques offered to local businesses to the wedding market. Since its launch, Devoted To Your Day has assisted numerous local brides with services including stationery, save the date cards, photo gifts, apparel for bachelorette/bachelor parties, wedding websites, videography and photo booth services for the big day, and even framing and specialty printing to preserve those wedding memories for years to come.

  • Embroidery

    2017 also saw the beginning of in-house embroidery by The Graphic Hive. This new capability allows us to provide high-quality embroidered goods to all of our local and national clients. Also in 2017, John Yogodzinski was presented with the Alumni of the Year Award at the 16th annual Chamber Education Celebration in March.

  • Nonprofit Gallery!

    At the start of 2018, The Graphic Hive decided to convert Converge Gallery (which was a for-profit entity) to Arthaus Projects (a 501(c)3 entity). The move to a nonprofit allows the gallery to not be focused on making money, but to instead prioritize the exploration of art for all citizens of Lycoming County. There are many exciting initiatives in the future of Arthaus Projects as it continues its transformation into a more community-focused art space.

  • River Valley Apparel

    2018 also saw the launch of a new division of The Graphic Hive called River Valley Apparel. River Valley Apparel is focused on bringing fresh, creative and memorable apparel for residents and visitors of Lycoming County. The brand had its successful launch during the Little League World Series and has sold a plethora of Williamsport branded shirts and hats since its launch.

  • Central PA Chamber Impact

    The Graphic Hive was awarded the Central PA Chamber Impact award at the February 22, 2018, annual fundraiser and banquet. This award was presented to three chamber members who made major contributions to their Chamber, its membership and their community. Among those selected alongside John from The Graphic Hive were Todd Ross, President of T. Ross Brothers, and Kendra Aucker, President of Evangelical Hospital.

  • 2018 Upgrades

    The last major milestone for The Graphic Hive in 2018 was the doubling of our screen printing capability with the addition of a new manual press. Production was also moved downstairs to fit with modern lean manufacturing product flow standards.

  • 10 Years of Business

    2019 brought continued growth with the addition of another embroidery machine which doubles our current production capacity. We were also busy toiling away at more outdoor recreation-related projects including a new website for Pine Creek Valley, and a massive wayfinding and tourism project for the Pennsylvania Wilds. We also celebrated our tenth year in business in October.

  • 2020

    2020 started off as our busiest to date. Even with COVID-19 we pivoted how we handle apparel orders and built over 50 web-stores for community businesses and non-profits. Since March we have raised over $45,000 for small businesses and kept our entire staff employed without furloughing anyone. We also reached a major milestone when we decided to purchase our own building and move our operations to South Williamsport. The new building offers convenient parking and more space for additional equipment.

    Fall of 2020 saw the addition of an 8 color, 10 station automatic screen printing machine and a new forced air dryer designed to efficiently cure water-based textile inks. Our framing division also expanded with the addition of a computerized matte cutter and more professional-grade finishing equipment.

  • 2021

    2021 was our best year to date in terms of growth and throughput. We have settled into our new home and our screen printing department has printed 100,000 impressions from October to October. All production areas are streamlined, and we added a new capability through the addition of a direct-to-garment printer. This new printer enables us to print small quantities of full-color t-shirts for those needing just a few shirts for a special event.

  • 2022

    We experienced continued success and growth in 2022. Recently we added a 6-head embroidery machine (which brings our production capacity up to 8 heads and 15 colors of thread) and rearranged the second floor to allow for a dedicated shipping department. We are also tweaking our screen print production area for maximum efficiency.

  • 2023

    We are starting off 2023 with lean manufacturing in mind. Over the holiday break, we spent a great deal of time trying to improve the efficiency of our shop layout in the screen printing production area to reduce the amount of touches a garment has to go through in order to be printed. We also finished our entry way and have some fun activities for customers to partake in when picking up an order. We’d love to give you a tour of what we’ve been up to!