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Trying to corral up a shirt order for a team or group activity can be quite a daunting task. Leave all the logistics, information gathering, production, customer service, and fulfillment up to us by creating an online webstore. Check out an example store for yourself.

Online stores are a great way to raise funds for your organization while outfitting everyone involved with great custom apparel. These stores are offered to you with no upfront costs but need to be pre-qualified by your customer success team member.

We are your partner in print and want to provide you with all the tools necessary to be successful. Our webstores are user friendly, formatted to look good on a smartphone or tablet, and have options for offering different colored garments and even places for personalization. Payments are handled by us and your users will see a charge on their online banking from "The Graphic Hive." Please inform your users about this as we've had to fight credit card chargebacks which ultimately delay things and impact the overall fundraising efforts of the group. We typically keep the stores open for two to three weeks and operate them as a pre-order.

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The goal of any webstore is to sell at least 24 pieces of the same design. The design must be the same size to count towards this production minimum. (I.e. a small logo on sweatpants counts as a separate setup from the full chest print of the same graphic on a t-shirt or hoodie). If your webstore does not meet our production minimums you forfeit any proceeds collected from the store and we might refund all orders that were placed as it does not make sense to produce only a few garments.

We've hosted many stores for small and large organizations and have the data to prove what makes an effective webstore. For first time stores, we like to keep the number of designs at a minimum and only offer a few different garment options as a way to test the waters. If your store is successful we can expand offerings next time.

Once the store is "LIVE" it is up to you to promote it within your organization. We will provide a promotional flyer with a QR code linking to the site. We suggest that you come up with a marketing plan to frequently remind all involved of when the store closes. In todays media heavy, algorithim driven world, posting the flyer once or twice will not yield good results. Post often as you rarely reach more than 10% of your audience on social media. If you have an email marketing list, we can help spread the word for a small one time fee.

After the store closes we'll give you an update on how things went and start production. Production and fulfillment take 10-15 business days after a store closes. Depending on the total quantities, we will either screen print, or print items digitally. In the event of stock issues, substitutions or cancellations may need to be made. If local pickup was discussed, orders will be individually packed in sealed poly mailers and a label with the order number, name of the person, and contact info will be attached to the front. These pickup orders will be boxed up and you will be responsible for distributing them at games, meetings, etc. Orders that paid for shipping will be shipped either via USPS or UPS.

To get started, fill out the form below or give us a call.

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