Our Core Values



We truly believe that where there is a will, there is a way.

The Graphic Hive strives to find creative solutions to our clients’ needs. We stay on the cusp of trends in modern technology to continuously deliver high quality work in a timely manner.


To Quality

We will never let something that does not meet our quality standards leave our door.



Our pricing is honest and based on the actual time it will take to complete using our in-house designers and developers.



We understand who you are and ask the right questions to pair the right amount of services and products to help you meet your goals.

We are accessible. Dialing our 888 number will get you in touch with a human and not an elaborate phone tree. You also get to know the team members working on your project pretty well as they are in direct line of contact.

We take a personal approach to our customers. We believe that your success is our success. If you fail, then we have failed you. Also, in the unlikely event that things go awry we will come up with a solution to rectify the issue. We stand behind our customer service and commitment to quality and your timely deadline.

We have a personal vested interest in you and your brand and will work with you as such. We design for your growth! Let’s grow something great together.




We are a design first company that is not afraid to go the extra mile to produce marketing items that are memorable and effective.

We diligently focus on the content and message of any campaign, as these are the true keys to successful marketing.

We are not a job shop. Usability and effectiveness is among our core design values.

When we say “We Design for Your Growth” it’s because we believe the design will make or break your next marketing effort.

Our Mission.

To elevate small business and organizations' messaging through good design, quality decorated apparel, and effective online strategies.

Our Vision.

To be a leader and innovator in the state in all the services we offer and a staple and steward in our community.