Web Design


More than a billion people are online every day searching for information and services; socializing; selling; buying; and sharing.

The Graphic Hive combines our design-first philosophy with cutting-edge web design techniques to develop beautiful and sophisticated websites that get measurable results for our clients.

Websites that stand out have massive visual appeal, useful SEO-rich content, user-friendly tools and clear navigation which are the cornerstones to every website we build.

Presently The Graphic Hive is responsible for hosting, supporting, and maintaining over 200 websites, most of which are built on WordPress, our preferred development platform.




What Do We Build?

Websites with Appeal

  • We follow design trends in your industry, ensuring that the look speaks to your audience.
  • We utilize professional graphic designers to generate visually appealing website designs.
  • No Template Zone: We ensure that every website we build looks unique. Our portfolio does not include cookie-cutter sites.
  • Your Site looks great regardless of how people look at it! We create mobile-optimized designs that align with how your customers experience your site.

Websites that Work

  • We make sure that your website’s functionality matches your website goals.
  • We build what you need: e-commerce to sell your products, marketing automation integration to convert lookers into customers, landing pages to drive audiences to specific content, and so much more.
  • We build engaging websites that your customers will love visiting on a regular basis.

Websites that Deliver

  • We use strategic planning to ensure that your website has a high Return on Investment (ROI).
  • We drive more traffic to your site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-rich content, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Geotargeting and Keyword focused design.
  • We utilize the top tools in the industry such as Google Analytics and Hit location reporting to show not only who’s looking at your site, but where they’re looking as well.

Ready to get Started?

Our smaller web projects typically start at $3,500, and go up from there depending on complexity, deliverables, and functionality.

Drop us a line today to discuss your project for a free quote!