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We are always looking for a challenge and have developed a reputation for being the company to take on strange and unusual projects as it’s in our blood to think creatively to solve problems. We challenge our clients to push the boundaries of their imagination, and as long as the project is feasible, we’ll take action and get the job done. Your possibilities are endless with The Graphic Hive in your marketing corner.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that we are more than just a marketing company? We have a family of businesses designed to make you look your best in your home (or office) and offer services for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, parties & more

Arthaus Projects

Welcome to the future of art in Lycoming County! 2018 marks the inaugural year of Arthaus Projects, a new, non-profit artspace developed by the founder of Converge Gallery. Arthaus Projects strives to make fine, contemporary art accessible to the local community. We’re the next stage in the evolution of the Lycoming County Arts Scene. Won’t you join us sometime?


Frame It Here

Frame It Here offers in-house conservation framing to preserve precious artwork, cherished memories, moments of achievement and more, for years to come! We preserve your valued items by using only the best, archival materials. Our glass offers 99% UV protection, and we use matte boards that are acid free, linen free, and have alkaline pH neutralized characteristics. One-of-a-kind, signed prints are not required!



River Valley Apparel

Little City. Big Love.

Inspired by a love for the city and the want of a revival of a town that it used to be, River Valley Apparel is born. No matter what your style is, there is something just for you. Celebrate a town that is more than just a baseball game and get your hands on the products from River Valley Apparel. Located in the heart of downtown Williamsport, River Valley Apparel is your one stop shop for clothing and custom apparel. Regardless of the decoration technique, we are committed to providing the best quality product in a timely fashion.


Devoted To Your Day

Devoted to your day is a new concept for making you look your best and taking the hassle out of planning all of the details for your wedding. Backed by The Graphic Hive (Williamsport’s premier marketing agency) we take a brand oriented approach to everything for your wedding. From save the dates, to wedding websites, to party favors, table markers, menus, invitations, thank you cards and more we want everything to look consistent and of the best quality. From traditional letterpress, to screen printing, to digital and sublimation printing we have the capability to produce just about anything for your wedding. For the day of, we photography, videography, and photo booth services. Also after your wedding we offer in-house conservation framing to build a nice shadow box to preserve your memories for years to come.
You have enough to worry about… we are Devoted to Your Day!


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